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Popular Scams Online Survey Companies Use

Anyone who’s ever been online should, by now, be aware of the hundreds of “work from home” internet based companies that are consistently advertised in various websites. One of the more popular is “doing surveys for cash.” There are literally hundreds of online survey companies. Most of them are not legitimate ways to make money, although a few of them can earn you a few bucks. These companies target stay at home moms who want to make a few extra dollars while taking care of the kids, […]

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The Importance of Incentives for Surveys

Carrying out a survey is a good way of finding out public opinion. Whenever we see an advertisement on the television, a company will often use in their broadcast certain statistics which have been arrived at through carrying out surveys. The strength of public opinion is of incredible importance to everyone – to public or private companies, to political organisations and to anyone who believes that a groundswell of opinion means something. However, there are occasionally problems when surveys are carried out, because they do not always […]

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The Importance of Opinions for Companies and Individuals

The last few decades have seen a rise in the importance and the use of focus groups. They are used for a number of reasons and by a number of organisations. The extent of the desire for people’s opinions by businesses and political parties among others has grown, as they realize that the difficulty of delivering what the public wants decreases massively when you actually go and ask the public directly. Paid online surveys are a massive part of this, and they are an increasingly sophisticated way […]

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Be Paid For Your Opinion And Help Gather Information

The process of completing an online survey is relatively simple, when looked at objectively, and the benefits for you can go far beyond getting your voice heard by companies and other researchers. Beyond that, there is the chance to actually get paid for doing something that many people are happy to do for free. This is something that cannot be underestimated, particularly when it is taken into account that a survey or two need take no longer than half of your lunch break. It is a way […]

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Don’t Assume Your Voice Will Be Heard

The important thing to remember about paid online surveys is that they will, in many cases, have been commissioned by companies wanting to know what the public really think. The company is not naïve enough to think that the public will give unbiased answers in a poll commissioned by a specific company, so they wisely keep their name only as prominent as those of their competitors in any paid survey. For example, if a rep for Budweiser asks you directly what beer you drink, you will be […]

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A World Without Market Research?

If companies had to rely on 100% instinct about the market to which they sell, the damage it could do to their bottom line is significant. As people we are given to be creatures of habit, but these habits can change slightly or radically depending on what we find out as we go through life. A company could easily get a rude awakening for taking public support for granted, and it is important to ensure that public opinion is collected and analyzed rather than simply assumed. Without […]

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